Have you ever wondered what the stars do to keep their famous faces smooth and their billboard bodies fit? Check out ten celebrities and their best kept secrets below!

#1 Heidi Klum, Love Your Food But Don't Forget Your Workout!

Heidi has to keep herself toned if she wants to feel comfortable in tiny bras and slips. That means she sticks to a rigorous exercise regime that allows her to take a relaxed approach to diet. "I don't really watch what I eat so I do a lot of cardio on a treadmill, bike or elliptical machine. I also avoid weights because I don't want my arms to get too bulky."

#2 Molly Sims, Kick Your Butt Into Gear With High Intensity And Circuit Training!

Actress and model Molly Sims is at her strongest and most confident after a gruelling circuit training session. After giving birth to her second child earlier this year '15, her body is already back in impressive shape. Molly puts it down to hard work and in particular, high intensity workout sessions with her personal trainer.

#3 Olivia Munn, Never Regret Money Spent On Your Skin!

As an actress Olivia is always in front of the camera, so she has to make sure her face looks its best at all times. To do this she regularly invests in expensive skincare products and practices, and admits no cost is too great when it comes to her face. "My beauty extravagance is regular facials and microdermabrasion. I've regretted buying a purse, a vacation. But I've never regretted money I've spent on my skin" "Concealer under your nose instantly lifts and make it look more refreshed," she smiled.

#4 Jennifer Aniston, Dip Your Face In Ice Water To Reduce Puffiness!

Jennifer Aniston revealed her smoothing under-eye trick; Every night the actress applies petroleum jelly under her eyes as part of her daily beauty regime to keep them wrinkle free! Then, in the morning she fills the sink with water and ice cubes and dips her face in to reduce puffiness around her eyes. The cold water narrows your blood vessels, slowing down circulation to stop swelling.

#5 Jennifer Lopez,When Cravings Strike, Sniff On Grapefruit!

Jennifer Lopez's natural appetite suppressant secret. The star reportedly carries a vial of grapefruit extract and sniffs it to suppress her appetite when cravings strike. You can sniff on the grapefruit extract as well!