8 “What To Wear To The Airport” Style Tips

Preoccupied the night before your trip, chances are you are trying to figure out what to wear to the airport. These eight suggestions will make your decisions a little easier and much safer.

#1 Dark On The Bottom

The darker the bottom, the more invisible you are on the bottom. Pantylines, juice spills, airplane bloating, all looks a little less messy in a darker color.

#2 You Can Wear Heels Just Make Sure The Heel Is Thick

Not all of us are blessed with mile long legs, and a few inches in the heel, go a long way. Try a wedge or a thicker heel for comfort and height.

#3 Opt For A Long Jacket Or Cardigan

Traveling from one climate to another, long coverups work better than short ones. Easier to wrap around yourself if it gets cold, and versatile enough to keep open if it's a little warm.

#4 Keep It Soft And Supple

The easier the movement in your clothing the more relaxed you will be. How annoying is it when you are reaching for the overhead compartments on the flight and your shirt comes out of your jeans, the first button explodes and you just want to cry.

#5 A Hat For Bad Hair Days

Static, flat hair, uncontrollable frizz, put a hat on it.

#6 High Waisted Jeans

Butt cracks, visible thongs and muffin tops not appreciated.

#7 Layer It

You can never guess the weather. Layer on light pieces that you can take off easily and stuff in your handbag. Or pile on and not feel uncomfortable.

#8 Shoulder Bag vs. Tote

If you have a small carryon with you, choose a handbag with a shoulder strap so you have a free hand. If you only have the one piece, a tote will carry more.


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