On Sale? 6 Things You Need For Spring!

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On sale? To buy or not to buy...that is the question! The item is on sale. It's adorable. You've been waiting for it to become affordable for months now. But the question remains: is it worth it? How do we decide when a sale item is worth the investment? The answer can be quite simple. If it translates well in the next season, then you can go ahead with peace of mind. Statement pieces or season 'markers' are rarely a good idea. Instead, look at the next season's trends and try to extract sale items that subtly fit into those trends. Basics and established classics are also safe bets. Here are some great pieces from current sales that are sure to take you well into 2016 with a lot of confidence:

#1 Kitten Heels

Remember when Victoria Beckham said that she couldn’t think without her heels on. Well I think she changed her mind, not a heel in sight at her Spring ’16 runway show! Pretty pointy pumps in a baby (kitten heel) or flats; if they suit you, will serve you well till August.

#2 A Fluted Sleeve Top

This open sleeve is a very strong trend for Spring, just as long as it is in a stiff fabric. Inspired by Spain these sleeves will make your arms and chest area appear slimmer. Keep in mind that where the opening hits is where the eye will go, so if you are hip heavy, opt for a shorter sleeve that hits the waist.

#3 A Styled White Shirt

Unfortunately for many, we will be putting away our jersey and cotton knits for a season or two, and replacing them with cotton fabric. Invest in greatly styled white shirts, a strong trend for Spring these statement shirts will be all the dressing up you need.


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