Stiff denim doesn't seem as appealing when compared to all those stretchy pairs that are softer and more comfortable. In a raw finish, or a dark indigo wash, with no stretch to speak of, these stiffer jeans still have a lot going for them, as long as you buy the jeans in your exact size. Keep trying pairs on till they fit you perfectly at the waist and hips, anything less than a superb fit will give you the not so flattering look seen below on Amal Clooney. That said, we would give anything for that smile and fabulous hair of hers.

# 1 The Hips Do Lie

The stiffness of this denim will allow you to balance out your hips if you need to. Keeping in mind the above advice, your jeans must hug your waist and hips really well to achieve this. Then, opt for a wider leg in the thigh. The rawness of the fabric will not rest on your thighs like regular denim, which will help make your hips smaller.

#2 Thinner Thighs In A Sec

It's all about proportions with this kind of denim, and bless these jeans, they stay where you ask them to. Go for a pair of stiff or raw denim that is narrower in the thigh, with a dramatic flare to balance out those thighs instantly. Heels are a must, a chunky wedge will do very nicely!

# 3 Lift That Derrière

Raw denim has the ability to hold you in stronger, and lift up your assets. The lack of stretch means that it won't relax after an hour or so, it will continue to hold you up and hold you in. Unless they are too big at the hip, then you are on your own we're afraid.

# 4 Hide and Seek

We just hate it when our jeans make a dent at the ankle and then fall further down, case in point Jessica Alba below. It's a sign that your jeans are riding up over your chunky sandals or ankle boots, worse even, that your jeans are just too long! This happens with regular denim jeans, but not with our awesome raw denim, that is stiff enough to conceal the chunkiest of heels or boots without any tell-tale signs. And if your raw jeans are too long, the fabric will forgive you just a little more than regular denim, till you get them fixed.

#5 Add Some Length To Your Legs

Create an illusion of more height, but wearing a pair of high waisted denim pants. The stiffness will not allow for many creases, this will keep the eye focused on how long your legs are.

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Aug 24, 2015